Clam Media - Creating a Chaturbate Whitelabel

Creating a Chaturbate Whitelabel

Are you promoting webcams? You should be! Cams are a fantastic way to create a sustainable revenue stream. Surfers are buying less porn from affiliates. As the proliferation of free pornography on the internet grows and the reach and content catalog of the big tubes expands, surfers spend less money. Webcams are the proven exception. Interaction with live performers is a commodity that cannot be replicated by the big tube sites. Surfers will spend money on tokens to tip popular performers, and they will keep coming back to buy more tokens time and time again. Once you have a surfer in your portfolio, you get a cut from every dime that surfer spends for as long as they keep buying tokens. This represents terrific long-term profits for you.

Creating a Chaturbate whitelabel site is a great idea. Here's why; you can represent it as your own site while reaping the huge financial benefits of promoting the Chaturbate brand. Chaturbate is the best live webcam sex site on the internet, and promoting cam sites is the best way to make money as an affiliate. This article will teach you to set up your own Chaturbate whitelabel in a few painless steps.

  1. Create a new domain name. - You don't need hosting for it, just a domain name. Make it something sexy; something surfers will want to look at. I called mine Dirty Vice. Use whichever registrar you like. I personally use Domain Pal, but feel free to use your own favorite. Just make sure that the registrar allows you access to set the A records of the domain in the DNS settings. We'll get to that in a minute.
  2. Set up a Chaturbate affiliate account. - Just click here, click the big orange Join button, and fill out the simple form. You will be set up in no time.
  3. Create a title image. - Using your favorite image editor, create a new 210x48 pixel image and put your site title in it. The size is important, and if you go bigger, Chaturbate will scale it down and it will not look as good. Also, don't use an animated image or one with a transparent background as these are not well supported. Here is the image I created for my whitelabel...
    210px wide - 48px tall
  4. Set up the whitelabel in Chaturbate. - In your affiliate control panel on the Chaturbate site, click on the tab at the top labeled 'White Labels.' Click the link to 'Add' a new whitelabel. There is a long list of things you can define about your whitelabel. Most of them are color settings. I simply used the 'Preset Color Options' dropdown at the top. There are several attractive presets available. If you are adventurous, define the color settings yourself. You can always come back and change the settings later if you don't like them. The really important settings here are the top 5 after the preset color selector.

    • Chaturbate alias - this setting creates a sub domain under the domain. We won't be using this, but you still have to set it. Just put your domain name.
    • Site name - what you want your whitelabel called in the control panel.
    • Domain name - it says it is optional, be we want to set this. Your entry should look like ''.
    • Featured gender - pick what you think your surfers want to see. Couples, female, male, or transgender.
    • Logo - browse for the image file you created in step 3.
    The rest are just color setting which you can tweak if you feel like it.
  5. Link the DNS record of your new domain to Chaturbate. - This is the hardest step for me to explain because there are so many domain registrars out there that you might be using. I'll describe the process on Domain Pal and I'm sure you will be able to replicate this with your registrar. You can always ask their support team for help if you need it.

    Basically, what you want to accomplish here is to set the A record for your site's DNS to Chaturbate's IP address. Go into DNS management for your domain on your registrar's site. You will see options for changing a bunch of stuff, but there is only one thing we want to mess with; the A records.

    You will want to add 2 new A records; one for and one for In both cases, define the IP address as (Chaturbate's IP address). It make take as long as 72 hours for the A record change to take effect. Once it has, browsing to your domain will go to your Chaturbate whitelabel. Now, every new signup made by your site will generate revenue for you with every token purchase for life!
  6. Push traffic to your new whitelabel. - With your new whitelabel set up, you are ready to push some surfers into your net. I suggest links from your existing sites. Get other webmasters to link your whitelabel in exchange for a link from your other site. There are endless options available to you.

I truly hope that this article will help you in your quest to capitalize on the great revenue opportunities presented by webcams. There really is a huge profit potential here just waiting to be seized by a webmaster like you.